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repipe frozen pipes
Many of your neighbors in the White Mountain Area are Repiping or Replacing their Frozen Pipes.

Many of the homes here in the White Mountains were plumbed with materials such as copper, galvanized pipe or even cpvc pipe.  In our worst winters, we see homes plumbed with these materials freeze and break due to freezing temperatures. These materials are not designed to hold up to repeated freezes and are weakened by it.  Eventually they begin to leak or even burst!  Small undetected leaks as well as large breaks can cause costly property damage and mold.

Old plumbing can cause many hazards from debris in the lines that can damage valves and faucets, to lead in the solder used to weld the joints together making drinking water unsafe.

There is an alternative…..PEX tubing!

Why repipe with Pex?

Pex tubing, or cross link polyethylene, is freeze break resistant.  It retains it’s elasticity in freezing temperatures.  It’s the material of choice for Avery Plumbing, Inc.

It has many beneficial applications.  Because it’s so flexible it uses fewer fittings.   This makes installation much faster and less costly for the home owner.   We use only 100% led free fittings that require no soldering.  Pex is odorless, tasteless, clean and quite.   It is flexible, reliable, durable and cost effective.  The expected lifetime of Pex pipe reaches 50 years with a manufactures warranty against failure for 10 years.