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Iron removal, Sulfur and Manganese removal systems are what we specialize in. These problems exist in most wells. They stain toilets, sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines. And in the case of sulfur also known as hydrogen sulfide, it produces offensive odors. There are numerous ways to remove Iron, Manganese and Sulfur from the water. Some are more effective than others, especially when certain other contaminants or water characteristics exist.

Hydrogen peroxide for the removal of iron and water softener.

The use of hydrogen peroxide in water treatment for the eradication of iron (rust), sulfur (hydrogen sulfide odor) and manganese is a safe and green approach to the problem. It can truly be called an “Eradication System” because it TOTALLY removes iron, and sulfur. Properly sized, an OXi-Gen Hydrogen Peroxide System is THE MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD for removing iron, rust, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide and the rotten-egg odor from your water supply. Hydrogen Peroxide is not a hazardous chemical – to the contrary, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is composed of the elements of water: Hydrogen and Oxygen. There is nothing foreign or chemical added to the water supply. Unlike chlorine, hydrogen peroxide requires no contact time and the reaction (oxidation of iron, rust, sulfur, manganese and hydrogen sulfide) is immediate. The Oxi-Gen Hydrogen Peroxide System is the answer to practically any iron, rust, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide and manganese problem, and is backed with their Satisfaction Guarantee. US Water Systems guarantees 100% iron, manganese and sulfur removal with its OXiGEN System which utilizes Hydrogen Peroxide or H2O2.