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Garbage disposal installation and repair are two of the many popular plumbing services provided by Avery Plumbing. These convenient wonders of a modern kitchen liquefy food remnants and wash them down the drain instead of throwing them in the garbage, where they can produce foul odors. Garbage disposals even work with your dishwasher and sink to prevent blockage from food that accidentally goes down the drain. At Avery Plumbing, Inc. we install and repair all types of garbage disposals.
garbage disposal repair

Garbage Disposal Repair
Garbage disposal repair is necessary when the under-cutter blade is jammed, the hoses and seals start leaking or if the impeller wears out. Fortunately, Avery Plumbing can work to repair your disposal instead of automatically installing a new device. Problems commonly occur with disposals when they are used improperly and there are numerous things that can cause your disposal to malfunction or stop working. The main culprits are grease, large items, hard items, and fibrous foods like celery. Coffee grounds and egg shells are other frequent offenders.

If your garbage disposal will not turn on, it is likely that your device just needs to be reset or the power source needs to be checked and secured. Check that the power cord is connected and, if need be, press the reset button commonly found at the bottom of most disposal units. Other complications may require the plumber to assess the situation.

Extensive use of a jammed garbage disposal can burn up the motor, which leads to complete garbage disposal replacement. If you frequently have problems with your disposal or suspect that your device is jammed or broken, give us a call. We are here to make your life easier!
Garbage Disposal Installation
Garbage disposal repair is always the first route to take when problems occur, but if your disposal has gone beyond fixing, we also offer new garbage disposal installation. You can count on us to install your garbage disposal quickly with the outstanding level of customer service that people have come to expect from Avery Plumbing over the past 12 years in business. As with all our plumbing services, we ensure cleanliness and care when dealing with your home. So put down the broom handle and monkey wrench and contact us today!